Population and Climate Change with Ian Lowe and Jane O'Sullivan


April 15th, 2022

1 hr 3 mins 21 secs

Season 3

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Did you know that climate mitigation models show that the only scenarios that avoid dangerous climate change are those which assume global population peaks in the next decade and then declines? Why is no-one talking about this? Luckily for us and the future of the planet, PGAP’s two guests for this episode, Professor Ian Lowe and Doctor Jane O’Sullivan, have written a new discussion paper ‘Population and Climate Change.’ Co-written with Doctor Peter Cook and commissioned by Sustainable Population Australia, this new report uses clear concise language with thorough scientific research to make a very strong case for the role that population plays in this warming world. PGAP speaks with Jane and Ian to unwrap the key points behind the discussion paper and to find out more about the stories behind these two inspiring people.


The discussion paper ‘Population and Climate Change’ can be downloaded from the Sustainable Population Australia website here. You can find out more about SPA and their recent campaigns here and here.

Ian Lowe

Ian was recently interviewed on ABC’s Radio National Science Show on the ‘Population and Climate Change’ discussion paper here. As a patron for Sustainable Population Australia, Ian was also interviewed for SPA’s ‘Meet the Patrons’ series of short videos here.
Ian’s interview can be heard between 00:07:10 and 00:29:52

Jane Osullivan

Jane has just had a very topical article published in The Overpopulation Project: “Ukraine war: temporary glitch or tipping point?” Last year, she was guest on the award winning US based podcast “This Sustainable Life” to discuss SPA’s previous commissioned report “Silver Tsunami Or Silver Lining: Why We Should Not Fear an Ageing Population” - which Jane authored.
Jane’s interview can be heard between 00:33:08 and 01: 01: 50

I note that the New Economy Network Australia (NENA) were very kind in sharing the ‘Population and Climate Change’ discussion paper. Their director, Dr. Michelle Maloney was one of the first guests on PGAP and both Jane and I have presented at NENA run conferences. NENA is collaborating with Griffith University's Yunus Centre to deliver a short course: " Building the Wellbeing Economy: Foundations for Learning and Practice." The course brings together 21 thought-leaders over 8 weeks to discuss how we might reshape the economy in which both people and the planet thrive. This is critical for any Post-Growth person to consider. To register go here, or follow the poster below!

NENA course

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