Jane O’Sullivan, BAgrSc, PhD, is a cross-disciplinary researcher spanning the nexus between agriculture and demography, embracing food security, ecological sustainability and economic development. She has participated in numerous collaborations with international colleagues in ecological economics, environmental philosophy, climate change responses and family planning promotion and implementation. Publications include: The burden of durable asset acquisition in growing populations (Economic Affairs 32:31-37, 2012); Population projections: recipes for action, or inaction? (Population and Sustainability 1:45-57, 2016); Synergy between population policy, climate adaptation and mitigation (in Hossain et al. (eds.) “Pathways to a Sustainable Economy: Bridging the Gap between Paris Climate Change Commitments and Net Zero Emissions.” Springer, 2018); Aging human populations: good for us, good for the earth (Trends in Ecology & Evolution 33:851-862, 2018); Climate change and world population (in Letcher (ed.) “The Impacts of Climate Change.” pp. 313-350, Elsevier 2021).

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