Better Housing for a Better Planet with Simone Schenkel


February 22nd, 2022

51 mins 50 secs

Season 3

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It is true that new houses require a lot a resources and emissions to build. So, it is critical that when we must build, that we do it right. Otherwise we waste so much in heating, air conditioning, repairs, demolition and all the other emission trappings with running a house.

For this episode of PGAP, we chat with Simone Schenkel, award winning certified passive house designer and director of Victorian based Gruen Eco Design. Simone explains to host Michael Bayliss the fundamentals of passive housing design, how to make eco housing more affordable and why eco building should be the rule and not the exception in Australia’s construction industry. In true PGAP fashion, we also discuss the systemic issues that result in Australians paying high prices for what have been described as ‘glorified tents’ and what needs to change.


Thinking of building your eco-home or want to find more about the fundamentals of passive housing design with Gruen Eco Design? Check out their Website, Instagram or their Facebook page and group.

The way we plan and design our homes, communities and cities are an overlooked but critical component of the Post-Growth transition. You may be interested in our previous episode, ‘A Public Housing Revolution’ with Degrowth academic Dr Alex Baumann. This episode has proven to be very popular, touching a nerve with many new listeners.

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What are your thoughts on the state of Australia’s housing and urban planning systems? Most of us have very strong opinions on these issues as they have a huge impact on our time, money and lives. Share your ideas with PGAP by contacting us on our contact page.

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The music of choice for this episode was ‘Little Pete’s Playground’ from West Australian band ‘Soon’. For anyone into early 90s Shoegaze, the entire EP is a delight and one of my favourite albums of all time.

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