Let’s Get Crazy with Rob Dietz from Crazy Town Podcast


August 15th, 2023

1 hr 5 mins 2 secs

Season 5

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Welcome to the season five premiere of Post-Growth Australia Podcast. What better way to launch our new season than with Rob Dietz, co-host of Crazy Town Podcast, perhaps the standard bearer of degrowth themed podcasts.

Rob Dietz 2
(Rob Dietz).

Rob is the Programs Director of Post Carbon Institute (PCI). A brilliant public speaker and story teller, Rob talks us through the journey of Crazy Town Podcast, which he co-hosts with colleagues Asher Miller and Jason Bradford. He also discusses the other initiatives and campaigns run by PCI, in addition to his unique vision of a Post-Growth future.

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(Crazy Town's Logo).

We asked Rob to share two of his favourite Crazy Town Podcast Episodes that are linked below. We do warn you, that once you start listening to Crazy Town, you might not be able to stop!

Rob would also like us to share PCI’s report: “Welcome to the Great Unraveling: Navigating the Polycrisis of Environmental and Social Breakdown.” It is quality reading and we are pleased that it is making ripples.

The song of choice for this episode is ‘Safe Room’ from host Michael Bayliss’ band ‘Shock Octopus.’ First released in 2011, its apocalyptic tale – of a world that has become so impacted that even the billionaires who created the mess in the first place have no safe place to hide – is becoming all the more prophetic a decade later. Michael and co-host Mark have had our music recently played on the Freedom of Species radio show, here and here respectively.

Shock Octopus
(The iconic cover of the 'Safe Room' single).

We are also excited by the fact that Rob presented at an online Degrowth conference run by New Economy Network Australia (NENA). PGAP has interviewed NENA’s convenor Michelle Maloney twice. The video of Rob’s talk can be watched here.

Your co-hosts Michael Bayliss and Mark Allen are pleased to be back for season five of Post-Growth Australia Podcast. We hope you like the cosmetic changes of this episode (graphics courtesy of Squeaky Pea Designs with photos from Photographica). We are looking forward to another season of quality guests and topics.

We have not been idle during our break. You may, for example wish to have a gander at two of our recent published articles, including:

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Episode Timestamp:

0:00:00 to 0:09:31 - Interview sound bye and introduction with Mark Allen
0:09:31 to 0:56:31 - Interview with Rob Dietz, hosted by Michael Bayliss
0:56:32 to 0:59:41 - Music, ‘Safe Room’ by ‘Shock Octopus’.
0:59:42 to 1:05:02 – Outro with Mark Allen