Filmaker statement:

Growing up in rural Ireland, the natural environment as well as my mother’s influence inspired me to take an interest in and explore the root cause of the countless environmental issues the planet is plagued with.

I spent years researching environmental issues, exploring ways to address the pitfalls of the growth based post-modern industrial society. What I discovered was, despite the efforts of many to counter the countless environmental issues, all of these efforts have produced little to no effective results. They are merely temporary measures that are washed away by the fact that we are adding close to 100 million more people to the planet every year. The fact is that all those people, even if they are living the most modest lifestyles, demand more and more resources. And, of course, more consumption produces mountains more waste that the planet simply cannot handle.

This led to the realization that the problem is not consumption. The problem is simply too many people on the planet. We have lost our sense and purpose in life and disconnected ourselves from one of the most fundamental laws of nature: being in natural balance or harmony with that which sustains us, nature.

As the world population continues to grow, we will undoubtedly see an exponential increase in the environmental destruction of the planet. That is why it has become even more important that we band together to bring to life projects that offer real solutions. We need solutions that empower people to think for themselves. We need to work together to create opportunities that highlight real solutions.

Nature’s Way is a multimedia platform that does just that: brings solutions to life. The platform was built to explore the lives of the people who are pioneering a sustainable shift toward a life that recognizes the need to live in balance and harmony with the natural world. We give a voice to those helping move the evolution of our consciousness toward an understanding that we are all one, interconnected and guided by universal laws of nature.

With entire generations, billions of people, around the world searching for the answers to the ever increasing climate destruction and political disarray, our platform provides empowering new ways for mankind to look at the world we’ve impacted. These new ways will help people discover for themselves the root causes of our decline and, more importantly, identify the clear answers on how we can guide ourselves back toward a future of comprehending the true nature of reality

We hope that you will join us on this journey while being as passionately inspired as we have found ourselves by the beauty revealed when one simply stops and observes nature.

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