Murray Gomm along with wife Pam Lincoln is one of the owners of Farm Oranje Tractor Farm, Albany. The 8-hectare farm was previously part of a beef cattle farm owned by Murray’s parents and is now a diverse smallholding with 3 hectares of wine grapes and over 170 fruit trees, ranging from bananas to cherries.

Co-owner Pam Lincoln produces vermouth on-site. Most of the wine is made off-site under contract. The farm offers a range of on-farm experiences such as food and wine pairings and organic and regenerative small farm tours.

Murray is a member of the Torbay Catchment Group and is organising a number of Regen Ag events. Oranje Tractor Farm commenced the organic certification process in 2002 and achieved organic certification in 2005. With increasing interest in the benefits of regenerative agriculture coupled with gaining an understanding of the vineyard's carbon footprint, organic certification lapsed. Carbon accounting conducted in 2021 found the farm absorbs six times the amount of CO2 (and equivalents) than the minimal input vineyard emits. So, the Oranje Tractor vineyard is carbon negative. The farm implements organic, regenerative practices including holistic grazing, biostimulants, minimum tillage and diverse cover crops to further increase both soil microbe diversity and soil organic matter levels which are currently 8.5%.

Oranje Tractor farm was the winner of the Gourmet Traveller Wine, Australia's Best Cellar Door Awards 2019, Best Additional Experience, Great Southern. Oranje Tractor Farm was the winner of ACCI's Great Southern Business Awards

for Environment and Sustainability in 2019 and was a Case Study for Circular Economy WA in 2022.

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