From Mike Stasse's blog at 'Damn The Matrix'

"Ever see those BBC shows about Grumpy Old Men? I’m one of them! The world’s unravelling, and what’s everybody doing about it? They’re going shopping.

In previous lives I trained as a civil engineering draftsman, ran a very successful photographic studio for fifteen years, attempted (and failed…) to become a professional greenie after retraining in Renewable Energy Technology, eventually turning to full time stay at home fatherhood.

I spent eleven years designing and building a sustainable settlement for me and my family. We’ve won a sustainability award for our house in 2007, a ‘Glossy’ handed out by Livingsmart Noosa. Our aim is to be self sufficient, so we can tell the Matrix to get stuffed.

We were maybe 50% of the way there in Queensland, but now…….. being a glutton for punishment, I’ve now moved to Tasmania in a vain attempt to escape from Climate Change. There’s no escape I now realise… Tassie gets weather just as weird as everywhere else, but at least it is cooler."

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