James Regulinski is the co-founder of Carbon Collective, a company providing low-fee, diversified investment portfolios built for solving climate change. At the company, he leads product, customer success, and compliance.

James’ passion for sustainability began on a boat. When he was 10, his parents began homeschooling him and moved the family onto a sailboat. They spent the next five years sailing, eventually making it from France to New Zealand. Over the journey, James experienced a personal call to action, seeing humanity’s overwhelming negative impact on the natural world from the oceanic garbage patches to coral reef degradation. In 2020, together with Zach Stein, he co-founded Carbon Collective after seeing the need for personal investment products that had true climate impact. Their portfolios enable individuals to invest things like their retirement funds with the same fees and similar risk/reward as an index-based portfolio, but in ways 100% focused on solving climate change.

Prior to co-founding Carbon Collective, James teamed up with Zach in 2016 at Osmo Systems to build an innovative, low-cost water quality sensor and monitoring platform. While at Osmo, they raised more than $4M from leading investors to to commercialize and scale the technology, which was recognized in 2018 with the Imagine H2O prize for innovation. James began his career in sustainability at ALL Power Labs, a company that converted carbonous agricultural waste products (walnut shells, etc.) into low-carbon electricity and a waste product - biochar - that sequesters carbon for up to thousands of years.

James holds an engineering degree from Olin College of Engineering, a program founded to radically change engineering education and solve the world’s most complex future challenges. An engineer by training, James loves spending his nights and weekends working with his hands, whether he’s laser cutting a custom birthday card or building his own furniture. He lives in Bellingham, Washington.

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