Caroline moved to Tasmania from Victoria in 2013. She is currently working as an adjunct senior lecturer at the University of Tasmania, and in the Pacific region in education and agricultural training. Caroline has also been a high school science teacher and plant pathologist, and taught at Swinburne University’s National Centre for Sustainability, Australian Catholic University and Deakin University. She has written extensively about the links between science, education, ecology and spirituality and on permaculture, and wrote science related articles for EarthSong journal for over 10 years. She also co-edited the book ‘Permaculture Pioneers’ with Kerry Dawborn. While living in Victoria, Caroline ran an organically certified orchard and local food box scheme. She is locally active in the areas of permaculture education, food security and climate change.

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Permaculture and Futures

STEM and Education for Sustainability
Smith, C. & Watson, J. 2019 , 'Does the rise of STEM education mean the demise of sustainability education?' , Australian Journal of Environmental Education , doi: 10.1017/aee.2018.51.

A functional-cosmology- for the crisis of the Anthropocene

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